Things to know before booking a court

You must be registered to book a court.
- Visitors can register on the Booking page.
- Club members are sent an invitation to register.

Daytime Tennis: The booking is to get you in the gate. Then choose any available court with a net in place. When club events are in progress you may be directed to other courts.

Night-time Tennis: The booking gets you through the gate and turns the lights on for your booked court. Courts 1 to 8 have lighting.

Visitors accompanying a member must pay $5 into the court hire box on the veranda.

Click here for more detailed information about book-a-court. You should read this information at least once.

NOTE: On a mobile device, it is preferable to use the Quick Booking method by filling out the details and selecting "Check availability". The booking sheet method is very slow to load on mobile devices, but ok on a computer.

Click the Court Booking button below to make a booking. If you are having problems with a booking, call Frank on 04 0191 6667.

Court Booking
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Above: The court layout as viewed from the entry gate.
Synthetic courts 1 and 2, and grass courts 3 to 8 have lighting.

At times courts 3,4,5 are reduced to 2 courts. They become 3 and 4.