Wangaratta Lawn Tennis Club - Australia Day Tournament

2018 Entry Form - Entries close Wednesday Jan 17


Dates - Jan 26, 27, 28 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
(Teachers return Monday 29th)

Preferred payment method is by direct deposit.
Bank details below:

Bank: NAB,
BSB: 083-945, Acctount No: 51 607 9960

EVERY player must submit a separate entry.
View the printable form for fees, event codes and conditions.

(Fee summaries are also listed below)

Player Details

Post Code

Summary of Event limits

All Players

Except for D grade, you may enter a maximum of one singles event, one mixed doubles and two other doubles. Mixed doubles pairs will generally be graded at the strength of the strongest player.

You may enter with a different partner in each of your doubles events.

D grade doubles players may NOT enter any other doubles, except for a mixed doubles.


A player may only enter in consecutive grades; Open + A, or A + B, B + C, or C + D.

Open and A grade players may not enter Veteran events. Vets events are considered consecutive with B and C grades.

D grade has been introduced to cater for the lower level and social players who are unable to compete at the C grade level.


A junior doubles player may enter two junior doubles, or one junior and one senior doubles.


Read the entry form for full details. Click the drop-down lists below to select your event code.


If you are looking for a partner, put Partner Required
If you are looking for a partner, put Partner Required

Summary of Entry Fees

Open: Singles $25, Doubles $25 each
Grades: Singles $20, Doubles $20 each
Junior events: Singles $15, Doubles $12 each
(Family fee is capped at $250)

Payment to be made separately

Please note that payment is not part of this entry. You must arrange to make your payment following the submission of this entry form (Direct deposit is preferred).

Bank: NAB --- BSB: 083-945, ACCOUNT NO: 51 607 9960

Cheque payments to be made to Wangaratta Lawn Tennis Club.

It is best to use your name for the description.

Make a note below if you are paying for multiple entries with a single payment.