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What is Book-A-Court (BAC)
Book-A-Court is an on-line court booking and payment platform for Tennis Australia affiliated clubs. A booking will activate your personal gate PIN code for access through the locked gate and turn on the lights. You will use your computer, smart phone or tablet to make a booking.

You must be registered to book a court. After you have registered, you will have a password which together with your email address, allows you to login.
- Club members are sent an invitation to register. Click the link in the email, confirm your details, and create a password; that's it.
- Visitors can register on the Booking web page.

Booking Web Page
On the booking web page you will find the options to SIGN IN or REGISTER. On computers and tablets, these options are in the top right corner of the web page. On a mobile phone, you will find them in the Menu at top right (three horizontal bars).

How do you make a booking?
Click any of the green Court Booking buttons on our website. You will be directed to a web page with a booking panel. Use the booking panel in one of two ways:
1. Quick Booking: Enter the day (Today or Tomorrow), the start time, duration and surface, and click the button that says check availability, or
2. Booking Sheet: Click the "View booking sheet" to allow bookings by court number and future days.

NOTE: The booking sheet method on a mobile device may be very slow. Additionally, it only shows one court at a time, making it difficult to select a specific court number. On a computer, you can see 7 courts at a time, and more easily select a specific court number. On a mobile device, use the quick booking method.

Before completing a booking you must login. Login requires your email address and password. You can login prior to starting the booking, or wait until you have made a court selection. Prior to logging in, the non-member court fees will show on the booking sheet. Once logged in, the court fee for members will show as $0 (except for lighting fees for night tennis). Non-member bookings run out at $20 per hour, plus lighting costs at night.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone and an email. Each will contain your 4-digit gate access code to allow entry through the gate.

NOTE: It takes about 15 minutes for a booking to be processed. Don't arrive at the gate and then make a booking; you will have to wait 15 minutes.

Using the Gate Code:
When the gate is locked you will need to enter the 4-digit pin code to obtain entry. If you have a group of players turning up at different times, you will need to give each of them your pin code (assuming it was you who made the booking). Each registered user has a personal pin code. (It never changes). However, your code is only active from 10 minutes before the booking time, and up to 10 minutes after.

If the gate code is accepted, the light will flash green and you will hear two beeps (otherwise you will hear a long beep), and the lock will be disengaged. You then have 5 seconds to push open the gate.

At times, the gate lock will be permanently disengaged. This will happen when there are events in progress; e.g. while competitions are in progress, and possibly during some coaching times. At these times you will be able to go straight in. However, one person should enter the appropriate gate code to activate the booking.

Also, when the gate lock is permanently disengaged, the light at the top of the keypad is green, otherwise it is purple. However, it is difficult to see the colours during the day. There is a picture of the keypad below.

Leaving the premises: You don't need to use your gate code to leave. There is a latch on the inside of the gate. Turn it to open.

We are also investigating ways to make the gate child-secure when the gate lock is permanently disengaged. This may mean you have to use some other type of latch at such times.

Booking Limits:
You can book up to 7 days in advance.
You can only make 2 court bookings per day.
You can only book for a maximum of 2 hours per booking.
The minimum booking time is 1 hour (four 15-minute timeslots).

Members will only be charged for court lighting. Visitors will pay for court hire plus lighting costs. Payment is made at the time of booking and requires a credit/debit card. All payments are managed by Stripe, a secure and certified PCI service provider. Court lighting exists on courts 1 to 8. See the court diagram below for court numbers.

The minimum fee on the online booking sheet is shown for each 15-minute timeslot. We have a minimum booking time of 1 hour (four timeslots), thus you must multiply the displayed fee by four. We are not concerned if you overstay your booking time, as long as courts are readily available.

If you need to make a repeat booking, e.g. every Wednesday at 6pm for 2 hours, you will need to speak to a booking Administrator. Currently that is Frank, Jenni and Michael. You can use the "Contact Us" page on our web site to make requests.

Non-members who accompany a member will pay $5 into the court hire box on the veranda.

What if your court is unavailable?
For daytime tennis, the booking system is just to get you in the gate. Once you are through the gate, you can select any court, but only choose a court where there is a net in place. When club events are in progress you may be directed to other courts.

For evening bookings, under lights, it is expected that any courts that are out of action will be marked as unavailable on the Booking Sheet and you won't be able to select those courts. You must use the court allocated in the booking.

Family Members with the same email address?
In a family situation your family members may all be registered with the same email address. In this case you will all make bookings with that email address.

This will be a problem if you need to make more than 2 court bookings per day. If so, you will need to provide additional email addresses for each family member.

Using Lights?
If lights are involved, they will commence warming up once you enter your PIN code at the main gate. It will take a minute or two before you see any light action, and they can take 10 minutes to warm-up completely, so it is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking time.

The lights will remain on for 15min after your booking finish-time so that you are not left puddling around in the dark when leaving.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email them to
If you are having problems with a booking, call Frank on 04 0191 6667.

Click the button below to show the booking web page.

Court booking
Placeholder Picture
The keypad for entering your gate code.
After entering the 4-digit code, press the enter key (bottom right arrow).