Special School at WLTC

Former Wangaratta Lawn Tennis club aggregate player Frazer Dent has admitted that he has been experiencing a sense of déjà vu recently in Merriwa Park.

Frazer who is a teacher at the Wangaratta Special School has begun a regular weekly tennis program with his students at the Wangaratta Lawn tennis courts.

His students are only a little younger than he was when he was a promising player in the aggregate competition while a student at Galen. Frazer admits that study and other sports called him away but he hasn’t ruled out a return to the sport in the near future. His student’s enthusiasm may well help that happen.

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The Special School are very pleased to be making use of the offer from the Lawn Tennis Club to promote their sport through local schools.

Through their elective program the students will be regular visitors at least until the end of term Two. The students pictured Tuesday were thoroughly enjoying the mild conditions and the prime condition of the lawn courts.

Pictured in the Special School minibus is Frazer at the wheel with Lachlan, Jayden and Tyson at the windows while Andrew is already out ready to play.
Also pictured on court is Kayne, Jandamara and Andrew.