Wangaratta Lawn Tennis Club

Newsletter and Player Guidelines

Thank you for entering our annual tournament. We wish you all success, and hope you enjoy your stay in Wangaratta.

Numbers are down slightly this year: 235 players. 
Many players are registered under a common email address. Could you please ensure that players register with your email address are made aware of the details enclosed.
Weather Report

Current predictions are for temperatures of 29, 32, 32. Smoke should not be an issue.

NEW Check-in Procedure

In previous years players had to check-in for the time-slot and then return for a court allocation.

This year you will check-in once only for each time-slot. Check-in will be 10 to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. The first team to check-in will be given the score card. The second team will be given the tennis balls. You will also be allocated a court number .

You will wait at the allocated court for the current match to finish and then commence your match without delay.

Late check-ins may be scratched, especially on day 2 where the doubles time-slot is just 30 minutes. Matches must start on time to get through the program.

Match Formats
Open Singles Main Draw: Best of 3 sets. Third set is match tie-break up to semis.
Open Singles Consolation Draw: 6 game set, tie-break at 5 all.
Grade Singles Main & Consolation Draws: 6 game set tie-break at 5 all.
Junior singles (except 10 and Under): 6 game set tie-break at 5 all
Junior 10 & Under: 6 game set with sudden-death deuce.
Time-slot is 45 minutes, except for the main draw in Open singles.
Open, Grades and Juniors: all 6 game sets with sudden death deuce. 5-all tie-break.
Most events will have multiple round-robin groups. The winners of each round-robin will progress to a knockout draw.
Some events with small numbers will only have one round-robin group.
Time-slot is 30 minutes. You must get on and off the court as quickly as possible.
Mixed Doubles
All Grades: 6 game set, tie-break at 5 all.
Time-slot is 40 minutes.
Consolation Events

Singles and Mixed doubles events will have a consolation draw for first match losers.
Times will be scheduled for these draws, but depending on results from the main draw, some times may be skipped.

Breaks Between Sets

Every effort is being made to give you at least one time-slot break between sets. However, this may not be possible in the knockout stage of some mens doubles events. Some of these matches will be completed after 7pm.

Entry Fees

A number of players have not paid entry fees yet. Many thanks to the majority who have.
We would appreciate payments prior to the tournament as it becomes a burdon collecting money at the tournament.

For bank transfer, our details are:
Commonwelath Bank, BSB: 083-945, Account No: 51 607 9960

Partners Required
Boys 12 doubles: 1 partner required
Girls 10 doubles: 1 partner required
Mixed A doubles: 2 female partners required
Mixed B doubles: 1 female partner required
Mixed C doubles: 2 female partners required
If you think you can help with any of these please call 04 0191 6667.
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Draws and other information will be published on our website. Click the button below to view the tournament page.

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